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Animal Companion Care
House Sitting | Drop-In Visits | Dog Walking

Holistic Pet Care with Animal Communication and Energy Healing


Welcome to 13 Moons Animal Wisdom Companion Care, where we redefine pet care by integrating the art of animal communication with the healing power of energy work.

My Unique Approach

I believe in a comprehensive approach to animal wellness that encompasses both physical and emotional aspects. By combining expertise in animal communication and energy healing, I provide a holistic and transformative experience for your animal companions.

Animal Communication:

  • Animal communication during pet sitting enables me to connect with your animal on a profound level. Through this, I am able to understand their emotions, needs and any underlying issues they might be experiencing.

  • This deeper understanding guides me in providing personalized care and addressing behavioral, emotional or physical concerns.

Energy Healing:

  • Energy healing techniques are integrated into my services to promote balance, relaxation and well-being in your companions.

  • Through gentle energy work, I aim to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and support the overall health of your animal.

Synergistic Care:

  • The synergy between animal communication and energy healing allows me to offer a complete wellness experience for your animal.

  • By addressing the emotional and energetic aspects, I enhance the effectiveness of traditional pet care methods, ensuring a harmonious and balanced state for companions.

Why Choose These Services

Tailored and Personalized Care:

  • My animal sitting approach is centered around understanding your pet's unique needs and preferences, allowing me to tailor my care accordingly.

  • Each session is personalized based on insights gained through communication and the application of energy healing techniques.

Comprehensive Well-being:

  • I prioritize the holistic well-being of your animal companions, considering their physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

  • My goal is to foster a state of balance, happiness and vitality in your companions.

Trust and Compassion:

  • As a passionate animal lover, I'll treat your pets with the same love, care, compassion and respect as my own.

  • I prioritize open communication, transparency and building a trusting relationship with both you and your animal family members.

Experience the Difference

Experience the transformative power of animal communication and energy healing in your pet's life. Contact me today to schedule a Rover House Sitting, Drop-In Visit or Dog Walking appointment and embark on a journey towards holistic animal companion wellness.

Animal Companion Care Services

$111 | night


Experience peace of mind knowing your pet is in capable and caring hands.


A trusted and personalized experience, ensuring your pet feels safe, secure and loved in their familiar environment.


It is important to maintain. your pet's routine. Whether it's daily walks, meal times or play sessions, I'm committed to upholding their regular schedule while providing additional love and attention.

I'll go the extra mile to create a stress-free environment for your pet. From administering medications to providing companionship, our attentive care ensures your pet's happiness and health during your absence.

You can  count on me to keep your pet's tail wagging, their purrs content and their feathers smooth.

$36 | 60-minute visit

In our extended 60-minute drop-in visits, I'll elevate pet care by including an adventurous neighborhood walk! Or, additional play time, snuggles or brush out care. Your furry friend receives tailored care and a delightful exploration through the local area.


Beyond the regular care routines like feeding and playtime, I'll ensure your pet enjoys an extended playtime or outdoor adventure, allowing them to stretch their legs, discover new scents and enjoy the sights around the neighborhood.

My commitment to their well-being remains steadfast—I stay attentive to any special needs or medications, prioritizing their health throughout these enriching experiences.

Stay updated with regular photos and updates, knowing your pet is not only receiving top-notch care but also enjoying a fulfilling adventure. With our 60-minute drop-in visits, your furry companion receives personalized attention and a memorable outing, providing you peace of mind while you're away. Schedule their special adventure today and give them a wonderful experience!

$50 | 60-minute walk

Elevate your pet's walk to an exciting adventure with our extended 60-minute outings, now including thrilling trips to the beach or vibrant dog parks!


During this extended walk, your furry companion gets the best of both worlds—tailored exercise and an exhilarating outing. With options like sandy beach strolls or lively park playtime, your dog receives a blend of exercise, socialization and mental stimulation, perfectly suited to their preferences.

Be assured of your pet's safety and enjoyment throughout the excursion. I prioritize their well-being, making the outing both fun and enriching.

Not just a walk, but an experience! While your pet explores and plays, you'll receive regular updates and snapshots, keeping you connected and reassured about their joyful escapades.

Bring excitement to your pet's day with our 60-minute adventure walks. Treat them to an outing they'll wag about for days! Trust us to provide top-notch care and thrilling experiences for your furry friend. Schedule their adventure today and let them revel in a memorable, fun-filled outing!"

$23 | 30-minute visit

My  30-minute drop-in visits offer a perfect solution for your pet's needs. During these brief but impactful visits, I'll ensure your animal gets the attention, care and affection they deserve.


From feeding and refreshing water bowls to a brisk walk or playtime, I tailor each visit to your pet's preferences. My goal is to maintain their routine and provide comfort while you're away.

Moreover, I'm attentive to any special requirements or medications, ensuring your pet's health and well-being are prioritized during these short yet meaningful visits.

Rest assured, regular updates and photos will keep you informed and reassured about your pet's well-being. With drop-in visits, you can carry on with your day, knowing your beloved pet is in capable and caring hands.

Experience convenience and peace of mind with our 30-minute drop-in visits. Trust us to keep your companion happy and content until your return. Schedule your pet's visit today and make their day a little brighter!"

$20 | 30-minute walk

Experience reliable and personalized 30-minute walks for your beloved furry companions. I understand the importance of exercise and stimulation for your pets.

During our 30-minute walks, your dog or cat receives dedicated attention and exercise customized to their needs. Whether it's a leisurely stroll, a brisk walk or playtime in the yard, we ensure they get the activity that suits them best.

I am trained to handle dogs and cats of various breeds and temperaments, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your pet. I prioritize their well-being, ensuring they get the exercise and mental stimulation they crave.

Moreover, rest assured your pet will be in the care of a passionate and responsible professional. Regular updates and notes about the walk will keep you informed about your pet's activities and mood.

Book 30-minute walks to give your furry friend the exercise and attention they need to stay happy and healthy. Trust us to provide quality care and enrichment for your pets while you're away. Schedule their walk today and let them enjoy a refreshing outing!"

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Animals, like humans, can carry emotional baggage that affects their well-being. The White Eagle Emotional Memory Release (WEEMR) technique is a transformative approach aimed at liberating animals from emotional burdens, enhancing their overall health and happiness.

WEEMR delves deep into the emotional realm of animals, identifying and addressing unresolved emotional traumas or distress they might carry. These unresolved emotions often manifest as behavioral issues, stress, anxiety or physical ailments in animals.

During WEEMR sessions, I create a safe and calming environment for your pet, employing gentle and non-invasive techniques to release emotional blockages. By connecting with your pet on an emotional level, I'll facilitate the release of these stored emotions, allowing for healing and restoration.


During this sessions, I utilize a variety of methods, including energy healing, visualization and mindful techniques, tailored to your pet's unique needs. Through these sessions, I aim to bring your pet to a state of emotional balance and tranquility.

Witness the remarkable transformation as your pet experiences a newfound sense of emotional freedom and well-being. WEEMR not only addresses current issues but can also prevent future emotional hurdles, fostering a healthier and happier life for your beloved companion.

Prioritize your pet's emotional wellness. Experience the profound effects of Emotional Memory Release. Book a session today and give your pet the gift of emotional healing and liberation."

Gabrielle is the absolute BEST petsitter in the world! Petsitter doesn’t accurately reflect Gabrielle—she is a caretaker. She loves our dogs like they are her own and goes above and beyond to ensure they feel loved and cared for in our absence. Gabrielle has a connection to animals like I’ve never seen before. She always seems to know exactly what they need and our pups love her so much! She’s also cared for our hamster, fish and tortoise and I know she is a cat lover as well. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have Gabrielle in our lives and our animals lives too!

Meredith M.

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