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Welcome to 13 Moons Animal Wisdom Companion Care, where we redefine animal companion sitting care by integrating the art of energetic healing through Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu, as well as heart-to-heart animal communication.

Gabrielle is the absolute BEST petsitter in the world! Petsitter doesn’t accurately reflect Gabrielle—she is a caretaker. She loves our dogs like they are her own and goes above and beyond to ensure they feel loved and cared for in our absence. Gabrielle has a connection to animals like I’ve never seen before. She always seems to know exactly what they need and our pups love her so much! She’s also cared for our hamster, fish and tortoise and I know she is a cat lover as well. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have Gabrielle in our lives and our animals lives too!

Meredith M.

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Specialized Animal Companion Care & Qualifications

My Unique Approach

I believe in a comprehensive approach to animal wellness that encompasses both physical and emotional aspects. By combining expertise animal care, enrichment, fun, energy balancing and communication, I provide an amazing holistic and transformative experience for your animal companions.

Synergistic Care:

  • The synergy between animal communication and energy healing allows me to offer a complete wellness experience for your animal.

  • By addressing the emotional and energetic aspects, I enhance the effectiveness of traditional pet care methods, ensuring a harmonious and balanced state for companions.

Animal Communication:

  • Animal communication during pet sitting enables me to connect with your animal on a profound level. Through this, I am able to understand their emotions, needs and any underlying issues they might be experiencing.

  • This deeper understanding guides me in providing personalized care and addressing behavioral, emotional or physical concerns.

Energy Healing:

  • Energy healing techniques are integrated into my services to promote balance, relaxation and well-being in your companions.

  • Through gentle energy work, I aim to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and support the overall health of your animal.

Why Choose These Services

Tailored and Personalized Care:

  • My animal sitting approach is centered around understanding your pet's unique needs and preferences, allowing me to tailor my care accordingly.

  • Each session is personalized based on insights gained through communication and the application of energy healing techniques.

Comprehensive Well-being:

  • I prioritize the holistic well-being of your animal companions, considering their physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

  • My goal is to foster a state of balance, happiness and vitality in your companions.

Trust and Compassion:

  • As a passionate animal lover, I'll treat your pets with the same love, care, compassion and respect as my own.

  • I prioritize open communication, transparency and building a trusting relationship with both you and your animal family members

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