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Telepathic Animal Communicator Energy Healer, White Eagle Emotional Memory Release Facilitator

Welcome to a world where animal communication, energy healing and trust-building converge to create a deep connection between you and your beloved animal companions. As an animal communicator and energy healer, I specialize in facilitating heart-to-heart conversations that transcend language barriers, fostering a profound understanding between humans and animals. Through gentle energy healing methods, I promote holistic well-being, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your animal friends' lives. My approach. cultivates a bond of mutual respect and understanding, nurturing a relationship built on trust and genuine connection. I share their wisdom by translating their thoughts and feelings.


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BASIC ANIMAL COMMUNICATION SESSION (one animal | 5 questions)  $75

During this session I will telepathically engage with your animal companion, asking up to five questions you've provided. This personalized approach ensures that the session addresses your specific inquiries and concerns, creating a unique and enriching experience for both you and your beloved animal companion. With flexibility in duration to accommodate the complexity of communication, this session promises to unveil the unspoken and foster a deeper, more harmonious relationship between you and your cherished family member. Open the door to a realm of understanding and embark on a journey of mutual connection like never before.

Includes a brief telepathic introduction, answers to 5 questions provided by you, a transcript of the conversation and an email follow-up.

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Pk 1 - $75
Image by Patrick Hendry

BEHAVIORAL TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE  $125/one animal, plus $50/add'l animal as a group

This Behavioral Transformation session offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to address specific concerns in your beloved animal companion. The goal is to offer a foundation for positive change, laying the groundwork for a stronger and more fulfilling relationship with your cherished animal family member. This in-depth session goes beyond traditional methods, seamlessly integrating animal communication with a heart-to-heart energetic connection that establishes a profound link, creating a space for understanding and collaboration. Through this unique combination, I delve into the intricacies of your animal's behavior, aiming to identify the root causes of any challenges they may be facing.

Includes an in-depth telepathic mediation introduction, a 1-3 hr communication session, a transcript of the conversation and a 30-minute video follow-up session with you. This is a good time to ask additional questions about the session.

Pkg 2-$125


Immerse your cherished animal companion in the pinnacle of well-being with this transformative Soulful Energetic Healing package—an offering created with boundless love, care and compassion. This holistic experience combines the intricate arts of telepathic meditation, heart-to-heart animal communication and remote energy healing to create a harmonious symphony that resonates through the dimensions of mind, body, Spirit and Soul.

Includes an in-depth telepathic mediation introduction, a minimum of one-hour healing session, a 1-3 hr communication session, a transcript of the conversation and a 30-minute video follow-up with you. This is a good time to ask additional questions about the session.

Cat Cuddles
Pkg 3-$175

Even professional animal communicators need someone to call on... I trust Gabrielle with my own animal companions when time or emotions aren't conducive to clear communication. When my daughter's pint-sized puppy went missing just before dark on a freezing night and I was embroiled in the search effort, I called Gabrielle. She was able to tell us exactly where to find the puppy, who had chased a chicken (bad dog) into a 50-acre wooded area behind our house. My husband went to where Gabrielle said... he was able to locate her and bring her home in under fifteen mins. I know in my heart that Gabrielle saved that puppy's life.

—Babette de Jongh, animal communicator

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We were referred to Gabrielle for some adjustment help with our new puppy. With a just a few "talks" she had our new pup and our kitten completely comfortable with each other. After we struggled for a month, she got right to the root of the problem and fixed it. We now have a very happy and calm family. Thanks were our life saver!!

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