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Love and compassion unite us. The hearts of humans and animals have a strong field of energy,
which is why we often have a visceral reaction toward our four-legged, winged and slithering companions.

We can create a more peaceful world by slowing our heartbeats and sending love.
When we do this, we are able to hear them speak and impart their wisdom.

∞ Understand & resolve BEHAVIORAL ISSUES

∞ Locate a LOST PET

   ∞ LEARN your companions thoughts,
desires, preferences, wisdom

   ∞ STRENGTHEN BONDS between animals
and their people

   ∞ Assistance with END-OF-LIFE decisions based on
       the wishes of your companion.

   ∞ ANIMAL CHAPLAINCY to ease your heart while

       making decisions.and dealing with loss.


   ∞ Identify and target pain or discomfort;

       CLARIFICATION of helpful remedies.

   ∞ Release EMOTIONAL MEMORY from previous lives,
       homes, shelters, etc.

   ∞ Assistance with decisions surrounding new additions to
       the family unit; What do your animal companions
       think about it?

   ∞ EXPLAIN vacation/absence; Why you're leaving and
       how long you'll be away. Learn preferred pet sitter.


Heart-to-Heart Animal Communication | White Eagle Emotional Memory Release

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