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Three Horses

heal trauma
establish trust
build confidence
correct behavioral issues
elevate levels of cooperation
strengthen heart-to-heart connections

Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo
Animal Communicator, White Eagle ER Therapist

Sessions include a phone consultation, an on-sight visit to your home, stable or facility, telepathic communication sessions and guidance/instructions for you and your animal to continue therapy techniques.

I'll teach you to tap into White Eagle for continued release and to ensure you are confident moving forward with your animal companion.

On Location Therapy Sessions 
$500 ($75 for each additional half-hour)

This is the flat rate for a session lasting 1-5 hrs. Three to four hours is usually sufficient to cover most situations.

Travel Charges: $50/hour

Travel charges cover time and expenses to and from your location (only applicable if I'm an hour outside of your area). We'll calculate travel charges together so, no suprises!



White Eagle Emotional Release Therapy® is an on-sight energy healing method that creates quick and lasting change for you and your domestic or large animal companion. It involves releasing and overcoming stuck emotions within the mind and body of sentient beings.


The secret to this method lies in the "quiet mind" which provides space for guidance; giving way to peace and harmony between you and the animals with whom you are entrusted. 

Based on The Trust Technique®  (, White Eagle Emotional Release Therapy deepens the bond between people and animals using mindfulness and focused presence techniques as a basis for understanding behaviors and resolving problems, but with the added followup of telepathic conversations to enhance communication, as well as, heart-to-heart energetic communication to build trust. 


With the gentle guidance of White Eagle, your animal will release negative thoughts and trauma stored in the mind, body and Spirit. Upon release of these emotions, you'll hear the voice of your animal companions heart... and a beautiful two-way ′′healing′′ occurs.

The electromagnetic field projected by the heart of a horse, for example, is five times larger than that of a human being, having the ability to radiate straight into our own heart rate.


According to the Institute of Heart-Math researchers, the heart has an electromagnetic field larger than the brain: a magnetometer can measure the energy field of the heart that radiates from 2.4 meters to 3 meters around the human body.

All animals, and especially horses, have a "coherent" heart rate that explains why we can feel better when we're close to them. A coherent heart pattern is considered a solid measure of well-being and is consistent with positive emotional states. However, the electromagnetic fields of these wonderful beings can become "less radiant" when negative emotions or trauma are held in their bodies, minds and Spirit. White Eagle Emotional Release Therapy will thereby restore the electromagnetic field of the heart to full capacity. Your animal can then recover and efficiently adapt to stressful situations with a sense of well-being, peace, trust and improved performance.

*White Eagle Emotional ReleaseTherapy was developed by Animal Communicator and Author, Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo

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