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gabrielle wyant-perillo, animal communicator

Love and compassion unite us and the field of energy that we can all tune into responds to emotion. Research shows that our electromagnetic field is generated by the heart and surrounds our bodies. Therefore, your animals are capable of picking up the vibrations of your heart rates of those near you and responding emotionally. We can create a more peaceful world by slowing our hearts down and sending love.

You're here because you recognize that animals are sentient, intelligent, feeling beings able to communicate
with us. And, our animal friends often want to share their secret lives, thoughts, feelings and wisdom with us.

"Through heart-to-heart animal communication, I'll help you hear, understand and communicate with your animal friends as they share their innermost thoughts."  – gabrielle
























remote heart-to-heart animal communication
Animal consciousness is the same as human consciousness; so it stands to reason that animal communication:​
  • helps to discover why your pet behaves a certain way and encourages the best behavior.

  • deepens the connection, love, affection and energy surrounding your pet and family.

  • keeps pets more comfortable through pet health crises and serious pet illnesses.

  • supports you and your pet family with afterlife communication, grieving and acceptance.

  • creates stronger feelings of security; especially for rescued, previously abused and feral pets.

  • discovers and helps heal pets' unknown past, trauma and PTSD issues.

  • helps locate lost pets (no charge for this).

services i offer

Animal Communication Sessions
Heart-to-Heart Energy Healing
End-of-Life Support
Monthly Check-Ins
Lost Pet Search Assistance
Animal Chaplain Services (pending certification)

Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo, Animal Communicator

how do i communicate?
Heart-to-heart animal communication is my way of feeling your animal's energy. It's the way we energetically connect. I take that energy and translate, through telepathy, what is in the heart and mind of an animal. I'm able to "hear" over a distance and I feel emotions, energies and vibrations.
I introduce myself to your animal companion by requesting, with my heart energy, that the animal open and connect their heart to me. In this loving space, I gain the trust of an animal while learning their telepathic preferences by allowing them to tap into my psychic sensitivity; senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.
When trust and understanding is established, I invite your animal to participate in a conversation; asking your questions and transcribing their thoughts. I'll translate how they feel; their thoughts and desires; what will help them; and why they do the things they do. Often the answers are as simple as learning to listen to their wisdom and see life from their viewpoint
I use writing/typing as a means of channeling while allowing my heart and mind to be used as a mechanism to flow psychic information and/or healing energy to and from your animal.

what to expect 

to begin, choose a service and booking a date – I offer several sessions to assist you and your animals. Choose your service and choose the next available time on the calendar. I won't begin a communication session during this time, but this tells me when you're next in line. After you've chosen your date and time, you'll be prompted to complete an animal communication questionnaire. This is where you can write questions and tell me a bit about your animal friend's behavior, health, relationships, etc.


heart-to-heart communication session – Within 5-7 days you'll receive a transcript of my session with your pet. Through a telepathic, two-way conversation I will ask your questions, address other topics that arise and help resolve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues. An animal communication session can continue from 1-3+ hrs. The session is only concluded when your animal companion turns away from me; telling me his/her current issues have been addressed.


follow-up conversation – After you digest the wisdom your animal has shared, you may wish to have a follow-up conversation. If so, please book a follow-up appointment during a time that is convenient for you.

"He taught me how to feel." 


February 14, 2005–December 28, 2021