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Why 13 Moons Animal Wisdom?

Honoring Sacred Traditions: The Inspired Choice Behind
13 Moons Animal Wisdom and its Connection to Nature's Cycles

Welcome to 13 Moons Animal Wisdom – a sacred space inspired by the intricate tapestry of Native American traditions and the profound insights found in Joseph Bruchac's narrative, "13 Moons on a Turtle's Back." Although not indigenous, our business name pays homage to the cultural significance of the 13 moons and the 28-day cycle, as beautifully depicted in Native American legend.

In the enchanting narrative of Old Turtle's back with its thirteen scutes, we discover the key to the thirteen cycles of the moon and the rhythmic dance of changing seasons. Drawing inspiration from the lyrical poems and striking paintings within the pages of Bruchac's work, 13 Moons Animal Wisdom celebrates the marvel of nature's cycles–from the Northern Cheyenne's Moon of the Popping Trees to the Big Moon of the Abenaki.

The turtle shell serves as a visual representation of the days and moons in a lunar year. An outer ring of small scales mirrors the 28 days in a lunar month, while larger scales in the center symbolize the interconnected teachings of many First Nations, including the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee people, who utilize the back of a turtle's shell as a lunar calendar. Depending on how we measure a lunar month, the moon completes its orbit around the Earth in approximately 28 days.


Embodying protection and security, the turtle shell becomes a symbol of refuge, representing a safe haven for the spirit in spiritual terms. It signifies a place where one can find peace and tranquility.

With utmost respect for indigenous wisdom, our space is devoted to exploring and honoring the profound interconnectedness of animals, nature, and the spiritual teachings embedded in the symbolism of the 13 moons. Join us on a transformative journey inspired by timeless stories that echo the beauty and harmony within the natural world.


The turtle shell serves as a visual representation of the days and moons in a lunar year. An outer ring of small scales mirrors the 28 days in a lunar month, while larger scales in the center symbolize 13 Moons in a year;  the interconnected teachings of many First Nations, who utilize the back of a turtle's shell as a lunar calendar. Depending on how we measure a lunar month, the moon completes its orbit around the Earth in approximately 28 days.

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Includes a brief introduction, answers to 5 questions provided by you, a transcript of the conversation and an email follow-up.


Includes a brief introIncludes an in-depth telepathic mediation introduction, a 1-3 hr communication session, a transcript of the conversation and a 30-minute video follow-up.


Includes an in-depth telepathic mediation introduction, a 1-3 hr communication session, a transcript of the conversation and a 30-minute video follow-up.

Heart-to-Heart Animal Communication
Why it's important to understand their needs

Animal communication sessions offer an invaluable opportunity for continual understanding, growth and support in the relationship with your beloved animal companion. Great changes can be witnessed with one session. Communication isn't always a one-time event; it's an evolving process that deepens over time. Here's why these sessions are crucial:

  • DEEPENING CONNECTION: Continual sessions foster a stronger bond. As animal companions evolve, so do their needs and behaviors. Regular communication helps you maintain a profound understanding, nurturing the relationship's depth.

  • ADDRESSING CHANGES: Animal companions go through various life stages and their needs transform accordingly. Ongoing sessions allow for addressing new behaviors, health concerns, emotional shifts and graceful transitions.

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Image by Prasad Panchakshari

  • BEHAVIORAL INSIGHT: Animal companions communicate telepathically, but also through actions and behaviors. Consistent sessions enable the understanding of behavioral patterns, facilitating solutions to any issues that arise.

  • HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: Monitoring your animal companion's health is essential. Regular communication sessions often offer insights into health concerns before they manifest physically, allowing for timely intervention and care.

  • END-OF-LIFE SUPPORT: As animal companions age, understanding their wishes and needs becomes crucial. Ongoing communication aids in preparing for and supporting the animal during their end-of-life phase, ensuring comfort, understanding and a peaceful journey over The Rainbow Bridge.

  • MUTUAL GROWTH: It's not just your animal companion who evolves; you will grow in their understanding, empathy and ability to communicate effectively through continual sessions.

In essence, ongoing animal communication sessions serve as a proactive and supportive tool you to continuously nurture, understand and support your beloved friends at every stage of their lives.

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Emotional Memory Release
Why it's essential to release trauma and negative memories

Releasing emotional memories is vital for the overall wellness of both animals and their human companions. It contributes to emotional, physical and mental health while nurturing personal growth and fostering better relationships. Emotional memory release is crucial for several reasons:

  • EMOTIONAL HEALING: It allows for the release of pent-up emotions that may be causing distress or imbalance. By addressing these emotions, individuals can experience a sense of relief and healing.

  • PHYSICAL HEALTH: Emotional stress can manifest physically, impacting health. Releasing emotional memories can alleviate physical symptoms and promote overall well-being.

  • IMPROVED MENTAL HEALTH: Lingering emotional memories can contribute to anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. Releasing these memories can alleviate mental strain and promote a more positive mindset.

  • RESOLVED BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS: Unresolved emotional memories often influence behavior. Releasing these emotions can lead to a shift in negative behavioral patterns, fostering healthier choices and reactions.

  • ENHANCED RELATIONSHIPS: Emotional baggage can affect relationships. Releasing emotional memories can lead to better communication, empathy, and understanding, improving connections with others.

  • PERSONAL GROWTH: Letting go of emotional burdens allows individuals to move forward, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a greater capacity for handling future challenges.

Unlocking the power of emotional healing, physical health, improved mental well-being, behavioral transformation, enhanced relationships and personal growth, paves the way for a harmonious and fulfilling life journey."


An emotional memory refers to the recollection of past events or experiences that were accompanied by strong emotional reactions. It involves the retention of not only factual details about an event but also the emotional components associated with it. Emotions play a significant role in shaping and encoding memories and emotional memories are often more vivid and enduring than neutral ones. For example, a puppy left abandoned on a street may retain this memory, only to have it manifest as separation anxiety.



Emotional Memory Release (EMR) is often approached holistically, addressing aspects of the body, mind and Spirit to promote overall well-being. The belief is that emotional memories can impact various dimensions of an individual's being and releasing stored emotional energy can contribute to a more balanced and harmonious state.

The practice of releasing emotional memories in animals is rooted in holistic and alternative methodologies, such as animal communication and energy healing. An Animal Communicator possesses the ability to establish a telepathic connection with animals, engaging in a dialogue to comprehend and address their emotional concerns and behaviors.

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Heart-to-heart telepathic animal communication involves establishing a deep, emotional connection between humans and animals through telepathy. This approach emphasizes engaging the heart center and fostering empathy. Practitioners focus on creating a heart-centered connection, allowing emotions and intentions to play a significant role in the communication process. This method often emphasizes the importance of love, compassion, and mutual understanding between the communicator and the animal.

Telepathic meditation is a practice that involves using meditation techniques to enhance telepathic abilities. By quieting the mind, practitioners aim to strengthen their intuitive capacities and open channels for telepathic communication. Meditation can help individuals develop heightened awareness, receptivity and a clearer connection to their intuitive insights. This approach often involves visualizations, mindfulness, and focused breathing exercises to create a conducive mental state for telepathic communication.

Combining heart-to-heart telepathic animal communication with telepathic meditation can deepen the bond between humans and animals, fostering a profound and empathetic connection through the shared language of the heart and the quieting of the mind.

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what is emotional memory release?
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Interconnectedness of "13 Moons" Concept


Jin Shin Jyutsu operates on the principle that the body has energy pathways, or meridians, through which vital energy flows. When these pathways are blocked or disrupted, it can lead to physical or emotional discomfort. Applying gentle touch to specific points along these meridians, will release blockages and restore the natural flow of energy.

When working with animals, intuitive techniques are used to attune and adapt to the animal's needs and preferences—observing the animal's body language and responses to determine the most effective approach. This may involve using a lighter touch, being patient and gentle and creating a calm environment to ensure the animal feels safe and relaxed.

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the art of jin shin jyutsu for animals
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The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for Animals

Benefits physical and emotional well-being

Jin Shin Jyutsu, an art form of Japanese energy healing, can be applied to animals just as it is to humans. The principles of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) involve harmonizing the body's energy flow to promote balance and well-being. Your animal companion will experience incredible benefits from the gentle touch and energetic rebalancing that JSJ offers—promoting overall well-being and addressing various physical and emotional issues:

  • STRESS REDUCTION: Animals, like humans, can experience stress and anxiety. JSJ provides a calming effect, helping to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation in animals, which is particularly beneficial for nervous or anxious pets; harmonizing the body's energy flow and inducing a deep sense of relaxation, which reduces stress, tension and anxiety.

  • SUPPORTS PAIN RELIEF: JSF can help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by injuries, arthritis or other physical ailments in animals. By harmonizing their energy flow, it supports the body's natural healing process and reduces inflammation.

  • ENHANCES IMMUNE DISFUNCTION: JSJ stimulates the body's natural healing mechanisms, supporting overall immune function and helping the body to better defend against illness and disease.

  • EMOTIONAL BALANCE: Just like humans, animals can experience emotional imbalances. JSJ can help address emotional issues such as fear, trauma or behavioral problems by restoring harmony to their energy flow and promoting and regulating emotional stability—reducing feelings of overwhelm or agitation.

  • SUPPORTS MENTAL CLARITY: Clearing energy blockages and restoring balance to the body can enhance mental clarity, focus and concentration, leading to greater cognitive function.

  • SUPPORTS RECOVERY: Whether recovering from surgery, illness or trauma, animals can benefit from JSJ as part of their rehabilitation process. It aids in speeding up recovery time, reducing pain and discomfort and promoting overall healing.

  • ENHANCES BOND WITH HUMANS: Practicing this art with animals fosters a deeper connection and trust between the animal and their caregiver(s). It's a gentle and nurturing way to communicate care and support to our animal companions.

  • COMPLEMENTS OTHER THERAPIES: Jin Shin Jyutsu can be used alongside other therapeutic modalities to enhance their effectiveness and promote holistic healing.


Overall, Jin Shin Jyutsu for animals works by promoting balance and harmony within their energy system, supporting their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

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