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GABRIELLE WYANT-PERILLO, animal communicator, White Eagle Emotional Memory Release Facilitator, Energy Healer

In the space of telepathic animal communication, I extend a compassionate invitation to trust this modality. As a dedicated practitioner, my focus centers on nurturing understanding and connection between humans and their animal companions.


Embracing the role as creator of  White Eagle Emotional Memory Release, I guide sessions with a gentle touch, aiming to unravel emotional blockages and provide a secure space for healing. With a heart-centered approach, I navigate the intricacies of

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communication, offering solace and support to both animals and and their human counterparts. My commitment lies in creating a space where empathy, understanding and healing energies flow seamlessly.

Heart-to-heart animal communication is my way of sensing your animal's energy. It's the method through which we energetically connect. I interpret this energy, using heart-centered telepathy to unveil what resides in the heart and mind of an animal. My abilities include clairaudience, clairvoyance, and receiving psychic impressions. 

Unlike many other animal communicators, my sessions involve private conversations with your companion before our meeting. This one-on-one interaction in a quiet, peaceful setting allows me to gather more information. You'll be amazed at how distinctly their personality. emerges.


The process begins with a telepathic meditation where I introduce myself to your animal companion, requesting them to open their heart to connect with mine. In this loving space, I earn their trust, learn their telepathic preferences and allow them to tap into my psychic sensitivity.

Once trust and understanding are established, I invite your animal into a conversation, posing your questions and transcribing the entire dialogue. I use typing as a channeling tool, allowing my heart and mind to flow psychic information and healing energy to and from your animal. I translate their feelings, thoughts and desires, providing insights into what will help them and explaining the reasons behind their behaviors.

Following my one-on-one conversation with your animal, you will receive the. transcript of the conversation. After you've had time to digest this, you and I will have a follow-up meeting via video chat or phone. This will be the time for you to ask follow-up questions. Keep in mind that solutions to your concerns often lie in listening to your animal's wisdom and respecting their unique perspective.

I genuinely consider it an honor to be a part of the journey with you and your beloved animal family member.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Animal Communication?
    Animal communication involves telepathic dialogue between humans and animals, unraveling thoughts, emotions and needs.

  • How Does Animal Communication Work?
    Through telepathy, practitioners energetically connect with animals, interpreting feelings and thoughts with a focus on trust and understanding.

  • What Can Animal Communication Address?
    Sessions delve into behavior, well-being and emotional concerns, providing insights and solutions to strengthen the human-animal bond.

  • Is Animal Communication Only for Problematic Behavior?
    No, it extends beyond issues, fostering understanding, deepening connection and enhancing overall relationships.

  • Can Animal Communication Be Done Remotely?
    Yes, telepathic communication allows for remote sessions, connecting practitioners with animals regardless of distance.


  • How Long Does a Typical Session Last?
    Session duration varies, typically lasting between one to three hours, ensuring adequate time for a meaningful exchange.

  • Do Animals Always Communicate?
    Yes, animals communicate constantly, both verbally and non-verbally and animal communication sessions tap into this inherent communication.

  • Can Any Animal Benefit from Communication Sessions?
    Yes, sessions are suitable for all animals, regardless of species or age, offering versatility in telepathic communication.

  • Is Animal Communication a Form of Training?
    No, it's not training but a form of understanding and connection. While behavioral issues can be discussed, the focus is on mutual understanding.

  • How Often Should Sessions Be Scheduled?
    Frequency varies based on individual needs, with some preferring occasional check-ins and others scheduling sessions as needed. Practitioners can guide on this based on the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm grateful to be forever bonded with these special fur-babies.

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