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Three Horses

heal trauma
establish trust
build confidence
elevate performance
rainbow bridge guidance
correct behavioral issues
foster/rescue introductions
elevate levels of cooperation
ease fear, aggression, avoidance
strengthen heart-to-heart connections

Reach out for dates of availability in your area
Large Animal: $600* (5-6 hrs)
Domestic Animal: $350* (3-3.5 hrs)

These rates cover sessions ranging from 2 to 6 hours. Typically, three to five hours suffice for most situations. Each session comprises an introductory meditation, personalized energy release/healing facilitated Gabrielle and Spiritually guided by White Eagle, a direct conversation with your animal companion, and a detailed transcript of the subsequent discussion with your animal companion.


Travel Charges: $50/hour

Travel charges encompass both time and expenses incurred for travel to and from your location, applicable only if it's an hour beyond our designated area. We'll calculate these charges transparently together, ensuring no unexpected surprises!

Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo
Specializing in Animal Companion Care, White Eagle Emotional Memory Release, Jin Shin Jyutsu for Animals & Animal Communication

Sessions include a phone consultation, an on-site visit to your home, stable or facility, White Eagle Emotional Memory Release Session, telepathic communication transcript, and follow-up guidance and instructions.


healing for animals and their people


The White Eagle Emotional Memory Release approach was developed by Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo, founder of 13 Moons Animal Wisdom


White Eagle Emotional Memory Release® is an energy-based healing approach conducted on-site, offering swift and enduring transformations for both you and your domestic or large animal companion. This method aids animals in releasing trapped emotions within the mind and body, restoring energy balance, surmounting obstacles, alleviating fear, addressing behavioral concerns, fostering confidence and establishing trust between humans and animals.


The efficacy of this technique rests in lowering one's energy to cultivate a serene mind, creating space for peace, trust, improved behavior and clear communication between animals and their human counterparts.

White Eagle Emotional Memory Release augments the bond between people and animals by employing mindfulness and focused presence techniques to comprehend behaviors and resolve issues. It incorporates telepathic conversations while channeling the healing energy of my Animal Spirit Guide, White Eagle.


Guided and supported by White Eagle, I facilitate the release of unserving energy within your animal's body, mind and spirit, allowing for the peaceful release of stored tension and trauma. Through gentle guidance, White Eagle delicately lifts the released trauma, carrying it away on its wings to transform into eternal light. This transformative process creates a space where profound healing unfolds.



According to HeartMath Institute researchers, the heart's electromagnetic field surpasses that of the brain, spanning from 2.4 to 3 meters around the human body, detectable by a magnetometer.

Our hearts house a potent source of bio-electrical energy, notably 40-60% stronger than the brain's electrical energy. Remarkably, a horse's heart, for example, emits an electromagnetic field five times larger than a human's and is capable of directly affecting our heart rate.

Animals, especially horses, possess a "coherent" heart rate, contributing to our enhanced well-being in their proximity. A coherent heart pattern indicates positive emotional states but diminishes when negative emotions or trauma are held within them. White Eagle Emotional Memory Release restores their heart's electromagnetic field, enabling recovery and effective adaptation to stress with increased well-being, peace, trust and performance.

Wild Horses
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