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3. Soulful Energetic Healing & Talk

Elevate their well-being with the Soulful Energetic Healing package—crafted with boundless love,

  • 175 US dollars

Service Description

Immerse your cherished animal companion in the pinnacle of well-being with this transformative Soulful Energetic Healing package—an offering created with boundless love, care and compassion. This holistic experience combines the intricate arts of telepathic meditation, heart-to-heart animal communication and remote energy healing to create a harmonious symphony that resonates through the dimensions of mind, body, Spirit and Soul. Phase I: This remote energy healing is a sanctuary of beauty, offering solace to animals experiencing stress, discomfort or simply deserving of profound relaxation. Your beloved pet will be enveloped in positive healing energy, thoughtfully directed to every part of their being. As I telepathically listen to their thoughts, my Spirit companion White Eagle carries away any lingering negative energies to be transformed into Universal light. Phase II: This immersive phase proves invaluable to all animals, particularly for seniors, newly placed puppies, rescues, fosters and those navigating behavioral challenges. A heart-to-heart conversation ensues with your animal companion. I translate their thoughts, providing insights into their overall well-being, happiness, desires and behaviors—bridging the gap between the physical and emotional realms. Phase III: The ultimate goal of this session is to elevate your animal companion's vitality, address their needs with boundless compassion, deepen their understanding and foster a bond that transcends the ordinary. Based on your his/her wishes, you'll receive thoughtful recommendations for their continued holistic care. Treat your cherished family member to the gift of well-being and connection with this enriching Soulful Energetic Healing package. Includes an in-depth telepathic mediation introduction, a minimum of one-hour healing session, a 1-3 hr communication session, a transcript of the conversation and a 30-minute video follow-up with you. This is a good time to ask additional questions about the session.

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