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Cambria M.

We were referred to Gabrielle for some adjustment help with our new puppy. With just a few "talks" she had our new pup and our kitten completely comfortable with each other. After we struggled for a month, she got right to the root of the problem and fixed it. We now have a very happy and calm family.

Babette de Jongh

Even professional animal communicators need someone to call on when they're too close to a situation or too stressed out by circumstances to be completely objective. I trust Gabrielle with my own animal companions when time or emotions aren't conducive to clear communication. 

Francis E.

I don't know how or why it worked, but my dog's insane fear of the vet and nail clippers disappeared after one session! Gabrielle sat with Rocky for 4 hours in silence but clearly they were communicating. It was wild to observe the trust building between them. Our vet couldn't believe it was the same dog! 

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