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Animal Communication, Chaplaincy, Emotional Memory Release, Lost Pet

White Eagle Emotional Memory Release®

Visit the White Eagle Memory Release page for a description of this powerful healing protocol.

  • From 350 US dollars

Service Description

Healing for Animals and their People –domestic & large animals– This session is an on location, typically non-invasive and intense healing, followed by three weekly remote animal communication sessions. White Eagle Emotional Release® entails a quiet, soft and mindful approach to healing emotional imprints held within an animal's mind, body and soul. This method engages energetic connection with the animal's heart, employing telepathic and empathic communication and facilitating an energetic exchange to address issues, release negative emotional memories and heal past traumas. This process contributes to enhanced animal-human relationships, improved performance, a more cooperative and serene animal companion and numerous other positive outcomes. Please note that travel charges may be applicable for these sessions.

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