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Soulful Play & Energetic Healing Day!

Provides unparalleled experiences to nurture the holistic well-being of your dog!

  • 175 US dollars

Service Description

Immerse your cherished animal companion in the pinnacle of well-being with this transformative 4 hour package—an offering created with boundless love, care and compassion. While you enjoy your four-hour break, your pup will be exercising, exploring, playing, healing, relaxing and being loved. THE DAY INCLUDES: • Free Pick Up & Drop Off within the Eastern Shore • 4 hours of one-on-one companionship • 1-2 mile neighborhood walk • Enrichment while exploring wooded trails • Fun with backyard play • One-hour Soulful Energetic Healing session • Video with images of our day together Throughout our time together, I will intuitively communicate with your dog while we walk the neighborhood, explore wooded trails, play in a fenced back yard and wind down with a Soulful Energetic Healing session. This session takes place in a peaceful sanctuary with singing bowl music and sound frequencies, while non-toxic, organic essential oils diffuse into the air. Your pup will settle into mounds of pillows and blankets as I offer Reiki Energy Healing and/or Jin Shin Jyutsu on specific locations of the body. (Jin Shin Jyutsu is the gentle art of using light, non-invasive touch to balance and harmonize the energetic systems; resulting in both physical and emotional balance.) This day of Soulful Play & Energetic Healing has proved to be invaluable to ALL breeds; particularly seniors, newly placed puppies, rescues, fosters and those navigating behavioral challenges. A heart-to-heart connection ensues with your animal companion as I translate their thoughts, providing insights into their overall well-being, happiness, desires and behaviors—bridging the gap between the physical and emotional realms. In addition to fun and enrichment, the ultimate goal of this session is to elevate your animal companion's vitality, address their needs with boundless compassion, deepen their understanding and foster a bond that transcends the ordinary. Based on your his/her wishes, you'll receive thoughtful recommendations for their continued holistic care. Treat yourself to some well deserved personal time and give the gift of well-being to you cherished canine companion.

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