New Client Animal Communication Session

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  • 3 hours
  • $150/New Client
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Service Description

For First-Time Clients Do you have questions for your animal friends? The answers are as simple as listening to their wisdom, through heart-to-heart animal communication. If this is your first time booking with us, you're in the right place. This service is perfect for going in depth with one animal to discuss general well-being, behavior issues, health challenges or end-of-life wishes. During this session I will earn the trust of your animal, establish a heart-to-heart connection and discuss anything required to bring peace and harmony to your relationships and home. Includes energy lesson for your companion and energy healing. Let's get started! Using the online calendar, book the day you would like to discuss the reading. You will be directed to the online questionnaire form; please provide basic information. Based on the information you provide I will use heart-to-heart communication/telepathy to ask your animal questions. Our communication session will be most effective if I know exactly what’s going on and what you want to achieve. When formulating open-ended questions, be mindful to not assume how your animal feels. If possible, I will also need a recent photograph clearly showing the eyes of the animal. This helps me see the animal in my mind’s eye when doing a reading. Seeing the eyes are the windows into the soul. Once I have the necessary information, I begin a reading by introducing myself, request a heart-to-heart connection and "interview" the animal. ​ heart-to-heart communication session – Within 5-7 days you'll receive a transcript of my session with your pet. Through a telepathic, two-way conversation I will ask your questions, address other topics that arise and help resolve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues. An animal communication session can continue from 1-3+ hrs. The session is only concluded when your animal companion turns away from me; telling me his/her current issues have been addressed. follow-up – After you digest the wisdom your animal has shared, you may realize you have questions. At your convenience, please schedule a time to speak via phone or Zoom. (This is included in your session rate, so be sure to schedule!)

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