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Animal Communication, Chaplaincy, Emotional Memory Release, Lost Pets

Animal Communication Session | $125

Understand your animal companion's wants, needs, choices and behaviors from their perspective.

  • 125 US dollars

Service Description

Looking to connect with your animal companion? In this session, we delve into the intricacies of interspecies communication. The session opens with a telepathic meditation, allowing your animal companion to establish trust and introduce themselves at their own pace. Following their lead, we engage in a meaningful heart-to-heart conversation with the intention of having a glimpse into their world, thoughts and emotions. This heart-to-heart conversation will center around understanding the wants, needs, opinions and perspectives of your cherished animal companion. In this profound conversation, we'll delve into the rich tapestry of their thoughts and emotions, seeking to build a bridge of understanding with them. By tuning into the subtle cues and unspoken language of your animal friend, I'll transcribe their desires as I gain insights into their individual perspectives. This exploration goes beyond the surface, fostering a deep connection that allows us to honor and respect the unique voice of each animal. Through open and empathetic dialogue, we embark on a journey to create harmony, addressing the nuances of their communication in order to enrich and strengthen their bond with you. As part of the session, you have the opportunity to pose 5 thought-provoking questions and make requests, focusing on their well-being, choices and behaviors. Includes a telepathic mediation, remote heart-to-heart conversation, answers to 5 questions posed by you, full transcript of our conversation, 30-minute follow-up Zoom session. Before our meeting, you'll receive an emailed transcript for review. Sessions vary in length and conclude upon your animal signaling resolution.

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