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Animal Communication, Chaplaincy, Emotional Memory Release, Lost Pet

Find My Lost Companion

Let's bring your baby home! payment plan available

  • 125 US dollars

Service Description

Before signing up for this service, please know that this is the most difficult situation, as an animal communicator, to navigate. If there was ever a time when it's critical that you remain calm, it's now. It's critical that you listen to what your companion is telling me; even if you disagree with what your animal is asking of you. Your companion is likely on the move, isolating or shutting down from fear. And, sometimes your companion isn't actually "lost". Sometimes they choose to leave. Please know that whatever the situation, I will provide the truth from your animals point of view; with love, compassion and sensitivity. Based on the number of people who contact me, animal companions are reunited/found 75% of the time. I will remain in contact with you and your animal companion for three days using telepathy, heart-to-heart empathy, animal communication and map dowsing. Animals are capable of picking up the vibrations of your heart rate and responding emotionally. We can increase the likelihood of bringing your baby home to you by slowing our hearts and sending love directly to their hearts. We'll begin with a 30 minute session with you, via Zoom and work on techniques to slow the heart, calm and ground you. Together we'll connect to the heart of your missing animal(s) and, with prayer, bring your baby home.

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