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Animal Communication, Chaplaincy, Emotional Memory Release

Jin Shin Jyutsu | End-of-Life Doula

A heartfelt approach to honoring and easing the delicate transition across The Rainbow Bridge.

  • 77 US dollars

Service Description

Jin Shin Jyutsu for animals can offer physical, emotional and energetic support during the end-of-life stage, helping to ensure a peaceful and comfortable transition for both the animal and their caregivers. These sessions offer comfort not only to you but also to other animal companions within your home. Benefits: Comfort and Relaxation: This art promotes relaxation and comfort, helping to ease any physical discomfort or pain that the animal may be experiencing. Emotional Support: During the end-of-life period, animals may experience anxiety, fear or confusion. These sessions help calm their emotions and provide a sense of peace and security. Energetic Balance: Jin Shin Jyutsu works to harmonize the body's energy flow, supporting the animal's overall well-being and helping to maintain balance during the transition. Enhanced Quality of Life: By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, Jin Shin Jyutsu can enhance the animal's quality of life during their final days, allowing them to experience comfort and dignity. Support for Caregivers: Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions can also benefit the caregivers by providing a sense of connection and support during this challenging time. It can offer a gentle and compassionate way to provide comfort and care for their beloved animal companion. Navigating the end-of-life journey for your animal companion is a tender and profound time. I acknowledge the deep spiritual bond you share with your cherished friend. In a compassionate and sacred space, those faced with end-of-life decisions for a beloved animal can find solace. These sessions provide support and understanding as you navigate difficult choices. If requested, I will be honored to facilitate a bridge of communication, explaining the human end-of-life process to your companion and allowing them to express their process, feelings, needs and wishes to you.

Cancellation Policy

Booking for Fairhope, AL at this time. If you're located an hour outside of Fairhope, travel charges may apply ($50 round trip). Please reach out via email, or text/call, 251-880-5432. Note: This Jin Shin Jyutsu session will be instructional in nature. I will communicate with your animal and direct you with hand placements to help calm and balance your companions energy.

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