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How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery 

You and I know that the pain of loss that we feel is very deep and very real. It’s not only the loss through the death of your animal... but also the loss of companionship, comfort, security and love... The loss is deep.

    Robin Jean Brown created an ebook to lead you through all five stages of grief, showing you steps necessary to cope.


Dealing with Grief

A comforting guide for the recently bereaved. This guide shows you how to really get inside your grief so that you can understand it, take back control. Life is still yours to enjoy and cherish when you're ready.

Sad Dog

This behavior modification soundtrack helps cure separation anxiety long term with no health risks. Dog Music specializes in music designed for any breed of dog at any age. Use the power of music to calm and relax your pet


Heal Your Dog Naturally

Help your pet live a longer, healthier and happier life. At Last, a book that reveals the underlying causes of your dog's health problems, some of which your vet isn't aware. 

Image by Jamie Street

This greatest Ho'oponopono meditation. Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon is a leading global expert/teacher of Ho'oponopono. Activate belief-shaking data-cleaning, with 12 majestic songs. Data is the collection of memories and beliefs in your mind; your databank of your views of life. Some of your data is keeping you separate from The Divine. So, you need a way to clean it. Ho’oponopono Roots can be listened to anywhere, at home in private, in social settings or at work, only you will be aware of its ability to pinpoint and clean data/memory.


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