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Night-Night Companion Care (6pm-9am)

Sweet Dreams Under the Moonlight, Ensured

  • 83 US dollars

Service Description

Indulge your animal companion with a sleepover visit by Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo, founder of 13 Moons Animal Wisdom. During this overnight stay in your home, care will be tailored to your companions every need. Between 6 pm to 9 am, Gabrielle provides round-the-clock supervision, offering companionship and care to ensure your pet feels loved and secure. She'll meticulously follow your pet's regular feeding schedule, refreshing water to keep them satisfied and hydrated. Her patient and attentive nature also accommodates bathroom breaks, including late-night and early-morning outings, to ensure your pet's comfort and well-being. Rest assured, any necessary medications are administered with precision and care, ensuring your companion stays on track with their health regimen. To keep your companion mentally and physically stimulated, they'll engage in playful activities and invigorating exercise sessions including last night or early morning walks. Your fur or feathered baby will have access to their favorite toys, cozy bedding and other comforts to make them feel comfortable. Are your animals allowed on the bed? Yippee!!! But it's not just about meeting physical needs—Gabrielle will lavish your furry friend with plenty of cuddles, affection and undivided attention, ensuring they feel cherished and secure throughout her stay. Vigilant monitoring and intuition ensures any signs of discomfort, distress or health issues are promptly addressed, providing peace of mind to both you and your animal. At the heart of this service is the goal to provide a safe, comfortable and stress-free environment for your companion while you're away. With this overnight stay, you can rest easy knowing your beloved companion is in capable hands, receiving the utmost care and attention they deserve. *Cat rate $47/night

Cancellation Policy

Cancel within 72 hours of booked service start time for full refund or credit toward your next sit.

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