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Find My Lost Pet

Let's bring your baby home! payment plan available

  • $75

Service Description

I will remain in contact with you and your animal companion for 3 days while we get some answers. Love and compassion unite us and the field of energy that we can all tune into responds to emotion. Research shows that our electromagnetic field is generated by the heart and surrounds our bodies. Therefore, your animals are capable of picking up the vibrations of your heart rates of those near you and responding emotionally. We can increase the likelihood of bringing your baby home to you by slowing our hearts and sending love. We'll begin with a 40 minute session with you, working on techniques to slow the heart, calm and ground you. Together we'll connect to the heart of your missing animal(s). When the connection is made, we'll discuss the information I require to bring your baby home. I'll connect with your animal to determine what happened and where the animal is located. Please be aware that lost animal cases are challenging because the animal may be stressed and likely on the move. I'll work with your baby to keep him him/her steady and calm through out the search. Please have the following information available: Animal name, age and description or photo Your address and address where animal went missing (if not the same) Short description of what happened and when Short description of what you have done Location of any known sightings

Contact Details

(251) 316-6667

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