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Animal Communication, Chaplaincy, Emotional Memory Release, Lost Pet

Animal Chaplaincy Session | $99

Individualized support for support for animals and their human companions during trying times.

  • 99 US dollars

Service Description

Animal chaplaincy is a practice that focuses on providing spiritual care and support for animals and their human companions during times of illness, loss or transition. Similar to chaplaincy for humans, animal chaplaincy involves offering emotional and spiritual guidance, conducting rituals or ceremonies and providing comfort to both animals and their caregivers. As an animal chaplain, I'm available to assist in various situations, including end-of-life energetic care, grieving processes after the loss of a beloved animal, supporting you and other caregivers facing difficult decisions or offering blessings and ceremonies for animals in need of healing or undergoing transitions. I am honored to offer compassion, understanding and spiritual support to enhance the well-being of animals and their human companions. Payment is an offering only and not required. Please email for assistance:

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