Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo, Animal Communicator


Animal Communication Sessions
Heart-to-Heart Energy Healing
End-of-Life Support
Monthly Check-Ins
Lost Pet Search Assistance
Animal Chaplain Services (pending certification)

remote heart-to-heart animal communication
Animal consciousness is the same as human consciousness;
so it stands to reason that animal communication:​
  • helps to discover why your pet behaves a certain way and encourages the best behavior.

  • deepens the connection, love, affection and energy surrounding your pet and family.

  • keeps pets more comfortable through pet health crises and serious pet illnesses.

  • supports you and your pet family with afterlife communication, grieving and acceptance.

  • creates stronger feelings of security; especially for rescued, previously abused and feral pets.

  • discovers and helps heal pets' unknown past, trauma and PTSD issues.

  • helps locate lost pets (no charge for this).

Fascial or myofascial unwinding is a gentle, hands-on technique that has been proven to be highly effective in reducing pain, restoring movement, increasing longevity and letting go of stored memories and negative energy. This is a process in which a client undergoes a spontaneous reaction in response to the therapist’s touch. Fascial unwinding can be used to “release” fascial restriction by encouraging the body or parts of the body to move to areas of ease.

I use a hands-on induction process to initiate fascial unwinding in your pet who will respond to the induction with spontaneous bending, rotating and twisting of limbs or the whole body in either a rhythmic or a chaotic pattern. The phenomenon of unwinding, in which parts of the body move spontaneously and involuntarily, can appear mystical, and yet its therapeutic effects are known both anecdotally and clinically.

Benefits include:

  • increased blood flow.

  • eased muscle soreness.

  • increased movement of lymph.

  • releases past emotional trauma.

  • alleviate stress.

  • reduce pain.

  • relax tight and sore muscles.

  • help heal sprains and strains.

  • In addition, it can also strengthen the immune system.

in-home Myofascial unwinding & energy release